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1. Modeling, Simulation and Characterization of Rubbery Materials           

2. Design, Synthesis and Chemical Modification of Rubbers/Elastomer      

3. Preparation and Application of Non-petroleum Base Rubbers                  

4. Rubber Rheology, New Processing Technology and Equipment              

5. Rubber and Environment 

6. Functional/Intelligent/Bionic Rubbery Materials

7. Reinforcing Materials and Additives for Rubber and Their Greening

8. Digital Design and Intelligent Manufacture of Rubber Products

9. Special Environmentserviced Rubbery Materials

Call for Abstract: 

Prospective authors are invited to submit extended abstracts related to the topics listed above. An extended abstract, which must be original and valuable, Preferably no more than 2 pages. There can be a limited number of lectures, and the contributions must be pre-selected through the review process. 

Please make your article by Microsoft Word and in 10.5 Times New Roman

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Submission Method: Please log in, register and upload. 

Submission Deadline of Extended Abstract: May 31, 2023  June 30, 2023