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Haikou, also known as the "Coconut City", is the capital of Hainan Province and the first stop for most people to come to Hainan. So, the first time we know Hainan, let's start from Haikou!

Haikou is the political, economic, cultural, trade and transportation center of Hainan Province. The area is about 2304.84 square kilometers, the population is more than 2246000, the east and west coastline is 131 kilometers long, and the annual average temperature is 23.8 ℃. Here, the climate is pleasant, and there is no cold winter or haze. Haikou's air, water quality and ecological indicators rank among the top in China. It has been selected by the World Health Organization as China's first "World Health City" pilot city, the first batch of China's excellent tourist cities, China's excellent garden cities with excellent living environment, and a national historical and cultural city.
This is an eco-tourism city full of tropical seashore scenery and island city style. The 131 kilometer long Gold Coast Tourist Belt is dotted with coconut palms, rare natural landscapes such as "mangrove" marine forest, "crater" volcanic wonders, and western coast ribbon park, holiday beach, and Xixiu beach. Here, you can enjoy leisure vacation, tourism and sightseeing quietly, or take a fun loving heart to participate in water sports and beach sports with unlimited vitality.

In addition to the charming natural scenery, there are also many famous historical and cultural sites. When you come here, you can look at the lifelike and thoughtful statues of famous officials of the Tang and Song Dynasties in the Five Gongci Temple; Even if the tomb is empty, Hairui, who has lived a clean and honest life, is worthy of our worship; Or walk on a bicycle through Haikou's centuries old arcade street to experience its architectural style and historical culture with Chinese and Western characteristics; Those who love movies should not miss Haikou Feng Xiaogang Film Commune, which presents you with the style of Chinese urban blocks in the past century. When you are tired of playing, you can have a short rest in such theme parks as Tropical Wildlife Park, Haikou People's Park, Wanlvyuan, Jinniuling Martyrs Cemetery, and stroll in Haikou's leisurely time, so that Haikou's unique humanistic atmosphere can move you who love life.


To better welcome friends, there are Meilan International Airport built in accordance with the international 4E standard, the South Port, Xiuying Port and Xingang Port with smooth transportation, the east, west and middle highways running through the island, and the first cross sea railway "Guangdong Hainan Railway Road" in China; At present, shopping, entertainment, leisure, catering, accommodation, business, exhibition and other service elements are complete, which will certainly bring you a convenient, comfortable and reassuring travel experience.

The world's largest single duty-free shop "- cdf haikou international duty-free city
Haikou International Duty Free City is located on the west coast of Haikou City, close to the new harbor, an important transportation hub in Haikou. It is a tourist retail complex driven by two wheels of "duty free+cultural tourism", with duty-free commerce as the flow entrance. The total construction area of the whole project is about 930000 square meters, covering a variety of business types such as tax-free business, taxed business, high-end office, high-end hotel, talent community, etc. Among them, the construction area of cdf haikou international duty-free city is about 280000 square meters, which is the largest single duty-free shop in the world.

Haikou International Duty Free City has gathered more than 800 international and domestic well-known brands, including 25 Hainan duty free stores' first brands and 78 Hainan Islands Duty Free exclusive brands of China Exemption Group. It is composed of six plots, covering duty-free business, taxed business, high-end office, high-end hotel, talent community and other business formats, meeting the complex functions of business travel and leisure, vacation and residence, office art exhibition, etc., and is committed to creating the world's first duty-free commercial, cultural, tourism and leisure destination.